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What Faculty Are Saying About NCFDD Workshops

"I just wanted to thank you again for all of the work you are doing!"

"I left your workshop feeling so inspired, especially in having concrete tools and strategies to move forward. I just wanted to share with you two reasons why I'm so excited about your workshop, and the new network of professionals your workshop is creating. First, it's personal. I already have a daily writing routine, which has been very productive, but without the other strategies and ideas about how to prioritize and create a long-term strategy of my own... this has meant working all the time. Burn out. Illness. Drained adrenal glands. Strained relationships... But, the five-year strategy you suggest enables me to open up my vision and continue in my current situation at the same time.. a much more empowering space to be in. Second, the academic culture has to change. It's not working. Having network of people who are willing to be honest about how things are, but also willing to stand strong in their own priorities can be a catalyst for change and a source of mutual support in implementing it."


"Oh yes! This workshop exceeded my expectations"

"I learned more than I ever thought I needed to know."


"Thank you very much for your wonderful workshop!"

"It's extremely useful for me to identify my writing resistances and to develop concrete strategies for moving through these resistances. Your presentation material and post-workshop resources are particularly helpful. You have provided lots of great information for me to think about and take real action!"


"I just want to say I can't thank you enough for the workshop"

"It was exactly what I needed -- you offered an approach to "the problem" [procrastination] that I had not heard before... I knew I needed the workshop when it took me until the day before to decide to participate (chronic procrastination!!). Anyway, thank you again."


 "Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop!"

"I really enjoyed talking to you! I found that your presentation, power-point slides, and supplementary materials are extremely helpful (particularly, your post-workshop resources with specific examples of strategic plans, weekly task lists and time management). You have provided me with lots of great tips and very concrete strategies that I can actually implement in my daily work. I am pleased that I had a very productive work day today by following your tips and strategies. Everything was great."


 "Thank you so much for a fantastic workshop"

"It exceeded my expectations and I am looking forward to putting your recommendations to good use. I had read one of Boice's books but it is very helpful to have the reinforcement and your personal energy behind the reminders of what are the key areas to focus on. I also appreciate your sending the slides ahead of time, and giving us access to the post-workshop resources. You gave us personalized attention and the workshop was worth every minute. Thank you!"


 "I am extremely grateful for your workshop!"

"Thank you for beginning to "de-mystify" the tenure process for people such as myself... You gave me many strategies that I can incorporate in my daily life as I prepare for a career at a university in the near future. Most importantly, you reminded me of the importance of maintaining balance between work and personal life."


 "The workshop exceeded my expectations"

"I received excellent, specific, straight-forward information that I have not heard from any other source."



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